Make your own Holopics

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Making Holopics on your website or app is easy.
Distributing should also be apinless.

We help you ramp up quickly so you can concentrate on creativity that leave your audience amazed.

Use Holopic™ Suite to create and display images in a more engaging and interactive way

How does it work, Six steps:
  1)    Take Photographs
  2)    Prepare images
  3)    Use Holopic™ Creator Software to generate Holopic™ media
  4)    Use Holopic™ Viewer App to review generated Holopic™ media
  5)    Use Holopic™ Viewer App Library to distribute Holopic™ media within apps
  6)    Use Holopic™ Media Distribution and Tracking Server Software for online or in App display

Holopic™ Media Distribution and Tracking Server

For scalable deployment and assured monetization (developed and distributed by OBA.IO)

As a photographer, it is easy to get images stolen online and never get money for it.
With Holopic™ Media Distribution and Tracking Server software solution, you have full traceability of your Holopic™ media.

As an photographer you can now charge premium for compelling and effective images and you take full ownership of your artwork and know how much it was viewed. Holopic™ Media Distribution and Tracking Server will provide metrics on how many times yourHolopic™ media was viewed and you can collect royalty. How about that as an ROI ?


…and spread the magic 

We help you get started with both creation and distribution.

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