Get your own Holopics

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Getting Holopics on your website or presentations is easy.

We bring you the touches of creativity, savoir-faire and technical skills that will make your customers amazed. 

Getting the picture 

Holopic is a fine mix between photography and technology. A touch of savoir-faire is required to produce high quality results. Holopic pictures are captured differently from other traditional photographies. The good thing is that we master it, of course. 

Depending on the desired results, we can shoot products or top-models, even buildings and bullet-time like moments. Some specific configurations are required. Just ask us we'll do it. 

Getting the magic

Holopic images are then processed into a bunch of algorithms giving them this unique « wow » effect you get when you see them. From image treatment, manipulation and a pinch of well-trained eye, we bring you the Holopic. 

…and spread the magic 

We help you implement Holopic viewer and network distribution. Our web integrators bring them to your website seamlessly or help you manage and implement our mobile libraries in your own software. Network distribution is achieved via and the Holopic platform, streaming makes it a fast technology.

So, just contact-us now.