Holopic Story


When photographers and engineers team-up,
it’s a new alliance to give your photographic creations a new dimension. 

Once upon a time in Burgundy

The story started in Burgundy, France, well known place for wines, food… and mustard.  

Jean-Philippe Martin and Sébastien Just met back in college. While they were studying Math and Physics, Jean-Philippe excelled in Optics and Sebastien in Programming.

After graduating, Jean-Philippe landed in Austin TX working on ARM microprocessor, notably being on the team for the first iPhone's CPU. He also worked on his photography, first as a hobby, then commercially for a bit, developing the concepts behind Holopic technology. In the meantime Sebastien was working on exceptional technologies creating the first online banking systems in France (Credit Mutuel/CIC), softwares for points of sales and restaurants. Sebastien built its digital strategy consulting firm, Seij, and SaaS meta-platforms for scalable organizations (oba.io).


In 2014, Jean-Philippe and Sebastien meet again. Realizing that Holopic is a great concept, they decided to bring it to life and to the market, empowering the most recent technologies and get it deserved visibility. In a few months a completely rebranded Holopic is born, completely targeted for the web and mobile web, with a new set of libraries, photography techniques and visibility.

The first milestone is a web implementation of Holopic so the world can (hopefully) finally enjoy.

Holopic Web

For eye pleasures, a new collection of Holograms have been created for one of the most 2014's trendy french fashion magazine Le Fashion Post.
This october is the first time an online magazine creates full editorials using holography for web and mobile. This challenge was possible thanks to William Arlotti, acting as artistic director, Jean-Philippe Martin's photography and Sebastien's Seij technical team.

Be the first ones

Holopic is now available as a commercial product and we are eager to help you improve your creative products, websites, presentations and online stores, offering your customer a more in-depth view of your creativity. 

So, just contact-us now.