What is Holopic


Magic alloy of optics and computer science,
Holopic is a new form of art that gives extra dimension to images. 

Holographic Photography

Holopic technology is about taking photos, assembling and deploy them on the web or inside mobile applications so they can appear as holograms. When the device is flipped (or at last when the mouse is moved), photography is displayed from one side to another one.

What for

Models, clothes, design products, cars, perfumes, people and even buildingsā€¦ you can have Holopics for any kind of product. Complex scenes are possible, like the famous bullet time as made popular by Matrix movie, even more impressive because of the control your customers get over the scene.

You can include Holopic on any kind of media, either web or mobile: web site, online store, native apps for iPhone and Android, intranet, suppliers extranet, etc.


It is well known that on online stores or any kind of product presentation, or any artistic creation, interactions between the customer and the product is the key factor of engagement. A different and cool emotion created towards a product, like the time spent playing with it, will increase the ownership-will leading to best sales.

Unlike video, Holopic is interactive as the users play with image. Algorithms used for creating Holopics mixed with mobile devices technology give them a unique sense of perspective and make them closer to the reality of the products.

What your own Holopics?

Simple: meet-us, we create the scenes and take the pictures, create Holopics and spread them over Web. Our web engineers can integrate them in your web site or mobile apps... and voila!


Holopic is not 3D

3D is a re-creation of reality. Holopic is reality !

Getting the same results as Holopic using traditional 3D techniques would be too expensive. Using Holopic the photographer can really express his skills and create something different for you.

Angles and Points of View

Holopic photographies can show more than 90° (event 120°). After that the user would see the back of its phone (wich is not really what we want).

Upside-Down Holopics are also possible, we'll show you more in a few weeks.

Spread on the Web

Holopic uses the SaaS platform oba.io for as a content delivery system. Without restricting the photographer talent neither being restrictive on image quality, Holopics are displayed really fast, at the right resolution for the right device. Using nowadays Cloud technologies, Holopic servers can handle as much as requests as needed, including high traffic needs and covering network peeks without slowing down.